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Riserva naturale Roccastrada
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Torrente Farma Nature Reserve

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The Nature Reserve of Torrente farma extends over an area of about 1,500 hectares of valleys and hills featuring woods, cultivated terrain and grazing-pastures. In the centre, on a ridge that separates the Farma Torrent from the Lanzo ditch, there is the castle and the farm of Belagaio. The vegetation is varied and important in terms both of species and morphological development. Among the botanical rarities the birch and the yew must be included. Floral species are represented by the endemic specimens such as the foxglove and Lawson’s cypress. Other rare or marginal species include box and heather, and the lupin of Greek origin introduced relatively recently.

The Fauna inhabiting the Farma make it a truly unique area in Italy. Mammals include the otter, the greater and lesser horseshoe bat, and protected species such as pine marten, polecat and wild cat. A short distance from the castle of Belagaio, on the right bank of the river, there is a small natural lake called “Stagno della Troscia” which provides the ideal habitat for the newt. The area is open to visitors all year round. For further information contact the Administration Office of the Forest Rangers. Tel: 0566/40019
Close to the famous San Galgano Abbey and the Medieval Spa of Petriolo
The first written evidence of the town goes back to 1171 when the feudal rule of the area fell to the bishop of Volterra. During the Medieval period the forests represented an incredibly important resource. Not only did they provide wood but also several important food stuffs such as wild game and chestnuts. ...