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Monte Leoni Wildlife Oasis

Naturalistic attractions

A journey through the natural beauty of the Roccastrada area

The Monte Leoni Wildlife Oasis covers the three municipalities of Roccastrada, Grosseto and Campagnatico. The area is home to numerous animal species and just as many varieties of flora. The vegetation is composed of trees and shrubs with leathery evergreen leaves, cork trees of considerable interest in the field of forestry, chestnut groves and a dense undergrowth that favors the growth of fungi and plants such as pagna, ivy, hypocystis, butcher's broom and broom.

The fauna is abundant and varied in invertebrates. Especially interesting is the presence of coleopters and lepidopterans (especially the Callimorpha quadripunctaria). Amongst the amphibians, take note of the spectacled salamander, and among the mammals, the wildcat.