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Site Transitoire


The work by the artist Jean-Paul Philippe in the Crete Senesi

The Site Transitoire is a stone work of art by the artist Jean-Paul Philippe, created in 1993 in the countryside of Asciano. The panoramic view allows visitors to catch a glimpse of the small village of Mucigliani on one side and, in the background, the city of Siena on the other side.

Philippe conceived a "site" with some elements in a dialogue with one another and with the landscape: "a dwelling without walls with an invisible threshold. On the ground a few slabs, a chair to welcome the passerby, a bench, a window, and on the roof the vault of heaven." The work is in fact composed of a portal, a throne and a stone bed that allow the visitor to enjoy the view of the Crete Senesi in the three main positions that distinguish man (standing, sitting or lying).

A perfect place to enjoy the sunset, especially on the day of the summer solstice: on this occasion, the sun sets exactly inside the Site Transitoire. The monument thus becomes a frame enclosing an enchanting landscape of incredible colors.

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