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La Pietra Regional Natural Reserve
Photo © Regione Toscana
Photo © Regione Toscana

La Pietra Regional Reserve

Naturalistic attractions

On the border between Siena and Grosseto, an area of special natural and outdoor significance

Among the charming historic villages of Chiusdino and Roccastrada, straddling the provinces of Siena and Grosseto, respectively, lies a large forested area with valuable forest species. It is the La Pietra Regional Reserve.

It covers an area of about 530 hectares between the upper reaches of the Farma, famous for its gullies and natural pools, and the last stretch of the Farmulla stream. The river courses are divided by a rocky outcrop of modest elevation, the Rupe di La Pietra, whose slopes are covered with forests. The reserve with a high landscape and natural value was established in 1996 to safeguard the valuable woodland zone covering the banks of the two streams, called riparian, and the extensive forest habitat with a prevalence of turkey oaks; environments that are home to numerous and sometimes rare species of wildlife, including the Lanner falcon which nests here.

In addition to its natural importance, the reserve offers funny and carefree chances to get to know and live its nature: the area is corssed by a network of trails ideal for recreational and outdoor days. A challenging trekking route and one that offers beautiful scenery is the one leading to the conquest of the Pietra spur and starts from the village of Monticiano. Between fords, forest paths and views from the La Pietra cliff, the hiking experience gives the day vitality, relaxation in the green and amazement.