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Sustainable Tuscany

The right vacation for us and for future generations

Traveling sustainably, minimizing one's environmental impact and adopting responsible behavior while respecting natural ecosystems and local cultures, is not just a possibility, but a necessity.

In fact, even as tourists we are called upon to do our part to increase attention and sensitivity to the protection of this planet and its riches, for us and for future generations.

On this page you will find information for planning your sustainable vacation in Tuscany: contributing to the protection of its 633 km of coastline and the largest wooded area in Italy, its 3 national parks and 3 regional parks, as well as hundreds of reserves, oases and small parks; supporting the preservation of UNESCO World Heritage natural sites.
Those on vacation who want to get around while limiting their environmental impact, in close contact with nature and with the feeling of being an integral part of the environment, can set out on foot by following the directions of the Atlas of Tuscan Walks, a large trail network consisting of 8 historic paths that cross Tuscany. Or he can browse the Atlas of Cycling Routes and go exploring the coast, hills, villages, countryside and cities of art on two wheels, thanks to more than 15,000 km of routes suitable for every type of bicycle and every level of preparation.

A set of routes that allows you to explore the whole territory, slowly and intensely, and a privileged mode of access to the region's great historical-artistic and natural heritage.

Then there are the projects that the Tuscany Region has launched in recent years to raise awareness of sustainable practices among both operators and tourists. For example, the Plastic Free #spiaggepulite project, the communication campaign that among other things promotes the law banning the use of single-use plastic dishes and objects on beaches, parks and protected areas. Or the project aimed at those who travel by camper and caravan, which promotes sustainable ways of exploring the area by these means as well.

A commitment by the Region that also sees the involvement of those who work firsthand in the tourism sector and in support of which the Charter of Values for Sustainable Tourism (PDF, it, 369 KB) was created, the result of a participatory process that promotes respect for environmental resources, a commitment to regenerate the ecosystem, the enhancement of social and cultural wealth.

Sustainability means leaving the world in better condition than we found it. A goal of balance to be achieved together, but by making a personal and concrete commitment every day. Even on vacation.

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