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Dynamo Oasis
Photo © Gianluca Gavazzi
Photo © Gianluca Gavazzi

Dynamo Oasis

Naturalistic attractions

Hiking, events, art and education: welcome to the nature reserve in the heart of Pistoia Apennines

Dynamo Oasis is a WWF-affiliated nature reserve, in the heart of Tuscany, in the Municipality of San Marcello Piteglio. More than 1000 hectares overlooking the Pistoia Apennines where rare plants and wild animals find the perfect place to grow and live in complete freedom.

In this pristine wilderness are broadleaf, beech and coniferous forests. Roe deer, mouflon, deer, fallow deer and wild boar live here, and among the carnivorous mammals, wolves have returned spontaneously, thus recomposing the original natural balances. The avifauna is also rich and diverse, from the short-toed eagle to the honey buzzard to the golden eagle, from the green woodpecker to the black woodpecker to the red-backed shrike.

Once this area was a hunting reserve, today it is a unique model in Italy of nature management with a perfect synergy between conservation, management, environmental divulgation and social activities. Dynamo Oasis, in fact, encompasses four areas: the farm, the eco-resort Oasyhotel, the conservation and scientific research center, and the cultural center OCA Oasy Contemporary Art & Architecture.

Dynamo Oasis offers many activities for visitors: a program of thematic hikes from March to October with treks suitable for everyone, picnics, yoga classes, literary walks, in-depth lessons on flora and fauna, photo walks.

In summer it hosts summer camps in collaboration with the WWF aimed at children between 7 and 14 years of age; throughout the school year there are field trips and educational activities for schools of various levels; it is also possible to participate in concerts immersed in nature and talks with important figures in the field of scientific divulgation and environmental education.

Many diversified proposals to learn about and experience a unique naturalistic oasis in the heart of Tuscany, raise awareness of environmental issues and contribute to a better and more sustainable future for all.

Oasi Dynamo
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