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Cycle-pedestrian path Puccini

Discovering the places where the great composer Giacomo Puccini was born and lived, with the soundtrack of his music as a backdrop

The Cycle-pedestrian Path Puccini is an itinerary in space but also in time, in memory of Giacomo Puccini, through his places.

The route starts in the heart of Lucca and then climbs up the city's Renaissance Walls. From the Birthplace now home to the Puccini Museum, to the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali, to the Teatro del Giglio. After coming out of the city walls we immediately come into contact with the Serchio river and its Parco Fluviale; the charm of the riverbank goes hand in hand beautifully with the romances of the great maestro and riding our bikes while listening to Bohème, Tosca or Butterfly, just to name a few, makes us better understand the place where we are but also the emotions that inspired such operas that have become famous all over the world.

The Cycle-pedestrian Path Puccini ends by arriving near the centro di Bonifica Le Pompe di Massacciuccoli, which anticipates the arrival at the Lipu Oasis. The uniqueness of the scenery and the over 300 species of birds that inhabit this nature reserve in every season take your breath away thanks to the beauty of the place. A true harmonious meeting point between the environment, animals and humans; a perfect ecosystem where migratory species find their ideal habitat, such as ducks, grebes, cormorants, blackbirds, gulls, terns and the osprey.

The itinerary goes back to Lucca by taking the route backwards. Alternatively, you can go as far as Torre del lago to visit Villa Puccini, in whose rooms you can savor the atmosphere of this unique place where the Maestro, in the silence of nature, found inspiration for his immortal melodies. From here, along the pine forest, you can reach the station in Viareggio to return using the bike+train intermodality.

Since 2023, the Cycle-pedestrian has become melodic and has used special signs to have a permanent musical accompaniment; thanks to Spotify, it is possible to choose to ride with the route’s playlist or listen to the Maestro's symphonies at selected and marked points. At the bike points along the route, podcasts will also be available in the same way that tell you about the natural aspects of the area or the story of Puccini's life, including the history and letters in which it is clear how passionate he was about bicycles and a cyclist himself.



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