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Stagni di Focognano Nature Reserve

Naturalistic attractions

Campi Bisenzio is home to a WWF oasis that’s important for the migration of many birds

The Stagni di Focognano Nature Reserve, a site of local interest, is located in Campi Bisenzio and is an oasis that extends for 65 hectares, managed by the WWF.

The area is an important example of the typical historic landscape of the Florentine plain: an essential part of the “water routesfollowed by birds, as well as a fundamental micro-environment for the conservation of minor fauna. Close to the historic centre of Florence, the reserve is a place to explore a highly valuable natural paradise up close.

The area includes a complex of five lakes – Calvana, Morello, Calice, Acqualunga and Focognano – across 20 hectares. The small Calvana and Monte Morello lakes are permanently flooded, while the others are only filled seasonally. Three small marshes are also part of the oasis, which are populated by small amphibians.

In the vegetation surrounding the ponds and lakes, you can find not only reeds, but also yellow irises, poplars and willows. The oasis is a fundamental stop during many birds’ migrations, like the grey heron, coot, great crested grebe and black-winged stilt.  


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