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Apuan Alps
Photo © Matteo Pieroni
Photo © Matteo Pieroni

Monte Pasquilio

Naturalistic attractions

A panoramic viewpoint where the view stretches from the mountains to the sea

Following the road out of Montignoso through the chestnut forests, where it is common to find falcons, buzzards, pheasants and foxes, we arrive at Pasquilio (approx. 800 metres above sea level), a panoramic viewpoint from which you can enjoy a unique landscape that stretches from the mountains to the sea. From Pasquilio the whole Apuoversiliese coast is visible, from Viareggio to the headland of Mount Marcello, to the Island of Palmaria. On the calmest and most clear days, you can see the main islands of the Tuscan archipelago and even Corsica in the distance.

It is an area that is very popular for day trips and walks and was particularly loved by Enrico Pea, remembered by the community with a marble bust, as well as by the poets Giuseppe Ungaretti and Eugenio Montale and by the painter Mino Maccari.

The backdrop to the Pasquilio is dominated by the majestic Mount Carchio, once a marble quarry, it is now closed but still maintains its white colour. Surrounded by forests of chestnut and fir it is an ideal place for walks for those who wish to find a bit a cool in the summer heat. In the last World War this hill top was crossed with by Gothic Line, the boundary line between the German and British and American troops. It was the site of bloody conflicts that caused great losses among both the local population and the partisan groups.


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