Traveling among the hills of Florence

In camper and caravan

Travelling in freedom without giving up the comforts of an equipped vehicle

Travelling at the pace of one's own time, with the freedom to choose the less travelled routes, those that prefer deep contact with nature and have the flavour of adventure. Exploring Tuscany by camper or caravan is an expression of a lifestyle that prioritizes the emotions that only an en plein air, active and family friendly vacation can give.

A vacation that allows flexibility and freedom, inviting you to immerse yourself in the clean air of parks, mountains, the sea, entering into full harmony with the rhythms and myriad dimensions of nature, without giving up the comforts of an equipped vehicle.

Tuscany is the ideal destination for those who choose to travel by camper or caravan thanks to the wide range of authentic experiences, dedicated accommodations such as campsites, equipped areas, agri-camping and agri-rest areas, where they can receive hospitality, products and services designed to best accommodate those who travel outdoors.

Itinerant tourism in Tuscany allows the discovery of a large number of green spaces and routes: 3 national parks, 3 regional parks, 2 provincial parks, 36 state nature reserves, 37 regional nature reserves and 52 protected natural areas of local interest, 7 hiking trails, 15,000 kilometers of bike routes. Tuscany is the region with the most wooded areas in Italy, the only territory where all national and regional parks have been awarded the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism and the first region to adopt a landscape plan, with 7 World Heritage natural areas.

In addition, Tuscany is constantly striving to acquaint camper and caravan travelers with the richness of local produce: thanks to rural hospitality, en plein air travelers will not only be able to stay overnight on farms but will also have access to short supply chain tastings and high-quality agri-food products.

Here you will find a collection of travel ideas, events, offers and experiences dedicated to those who wish to learn about Tuscany by traveling outdoors.