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Snow in the Apennines
Photo © Sigeric - Servizi per il Turismo
Photo © Sigeric - Servizi per il Turismo

Skiing in Lunigiana: where the snow touches the sea

The Zum Zeri ski resort and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines National Park

by  Lunigiana

Lunigiana, and its varied territory, show different and surprising colors in every season. From the green of woods and pastures in spring, to the blue of streams and waterfalls in summer, from the gray of stone to the brown and orange of autumn and, perhaps surprisingly for some, the pure white of the snow.

The Lunigiana mountains, the Apennines and the Apuan Alps, reach, indeed, 2000 meters above sea level and there are numerous valleys, slopes and abundant snow which in recent decades fell and persisted for long periods. As in other areas of the Apennines, around the 50s and 60s, tourist resorts were specifically created for winter sports.

Experiencing the new mountain

Panorama from Zum Zeri
Panorama from Zum Zeri - Credit: Sigeric - Servizi per il Turismo

Today, we are unfortunately aware, a lot has changed. 

Snow is a rarer and less intense event, the snow level is increasingly higher and the higher temperatures make less long and less harsh winters: the elderly frequently tell this in the taverns of Lunigiana, recalling the abundance of snowfalls in the past. 

Despite this, Lunigiana still offers a white and candid season, usually more intense in the months of January and February.

Its ski resort is that of ZumZeri, in the territory of the widespread mountain municipality of Zeri. Here, the slopes stretch from Mount Fabei (almost 1600 meters above sea level) to Passo dei Due Santi (1250 meters above sea level). On clear, sunny days, from the slopes your gaze is lost in front of a breathtaking panorama that ranges from Ligurian Sea of the Gulf of Poets to the Versilia coast.

In Zum Zeri there are approximately 8 kilometers of medium and easy slopes, served by a chairlift and a ski lift. There is the school camp, the baby-playground area for the fun of children in the snow and obviously a warm refuge, the Faggio Crociato, where you can refresh yourself.

But there are also numerous possibilities for those who choose to go on excursions with snowshoes or ski mountaineering, some of which are also included among the most beautiful itineraries in Tuscany.

However, it must be remembered that, leaving the Tuscan border for a few kilometers, but still remaining within the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines National Park, there are two other reference ski resorts: that of Cerreto Laghi, Municipality of Ventasso (Reggio Emilia), which in 2023/2024 celebrates 70 years since its foundation, and that of Pratospilla, Municipality of Monchio delle Corti (Parma). 

Both stations are in fact easily reachable from Lunigiana through Cerreto and Lagastrello Passes and offer mountain and snow enthusiasts further possibilities for skiing and excursions!

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