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Trekking in the woods of Monte Amiata
Photo © Ambito Turistico Amiata / Ciclica
Photo © Ambito Turistico Amiata / Ciclica

Running and orienteering in the woods of Monte Amiata

Running, trail running and Orienteering, the "sport of the woods" among beech and chestnut trees

by  Amiata

In all four seasons, the shady woods of Monte Amiata are the ideal setting for lovers of outdoor activities. For those who are passionate about trekking and trail running, the mountain is a true paradise, with routes that vary in difficulty, length and height difference.

Running in the beech forest of Monte Amiata
Running in the beech forest of Monte Amiata

For those who wish to immerse themselves in Europe's largest beech forest, there is nothing better than to test themselves on the trails that explore it far and wide: the routes are marked and available for all tastes, from the easiest to the moderately challenging Capomacchia Trail; some are looped, while others traverse the beech forest linearly. Characteristics and GPX track of each trail can be seen.

In order not to miss the spectacle of the mountain villages, ring routes, such as the Cipriana Ring and the S. Antonio Ring, are ideal. The departure and arrival in Abbadia San Salvatore  offer the opportunity to get to know the quaint village and other locations, while also exploring the magnificent surrounding forests. Another not-to-be-missed route is the Anello del Monte Amiata, which runs along the entire cone of this ancient, now extinct volcano and provides scenery and satisfaction both walking and running.
The most competitive can't then miss the Trail dell'Amiata, the annual race that in 27 km takes runners to climb along the mountainside until they reach the summit, then descend to the starting point.

Orienteering sul Monte Amiata
Orienteering sul Monte Amiata - Credit: Ambito Turistico Amiata / Ciclica

An alternative activity is orienteering, or the "sport of the woods": it is a competitive game in which individuals or teams compete to find all the prearranged points on a course and arrive first at the end, guided by their skills and sense of direction. It is a practice suitable both for athletes who want to train in a different way and for families, for a day of fun in nature.
At Le Macinaie, in Castel Del Piano, you can find groups and experts in outdoor activities who organize Orienteering itineraries, either half-day or for an all-day full immersion.

To fully enjoy the Amiata woods in every season, walk its paths and really get in touch with nature, you can stop at the refuges that rise among the beech and chestnut trees, a starting point to go in search of the colors of the fall foliage or for a fun snowshoeing trip in the snow.


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