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New Moon in Montepulciano

A tour of the most beautiful filming locations

Lovers of Twilight, the saga by Stephenie Meyer centred around the love between a vampire and a human, can’t miss out on a trip to Montepulciano. The beautiful town in the Siena territory was chosen as a filming location for New Moon, the second film about the story of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

Originally the book is set in Volterra but for the cinema version the historic centre of Montepulciano was chosen: the locations used for filming were the country lanes around Montepulciano and the temple of San Biagio, the passage and the streets within the town walls.

A scene from
A scene from "New Moon" in Montepulciano

The scenes with the Volturi were shot inside Palazzo del Comune, the Redi wine cellar and some palazzos in the historic centre. Finally, the most iconic scene of the saga, when Bella saves Edward’s life, was filmed in piazza Grande and at the entrance to Palazzo del Comune. They perfectly reconstructed the fountain described in the book there, 7 metres long and made of wood and papier-mâché.

After visiting the spectacular film location, a journey around the beauty of Montepulciano has to end with a visit to the historic wine cellars and a dinner of local products, like the cured means of the Siena Cinta or wild boar pappardelle, all accompanied by a glass of Vino Nobile of course.