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Pietraporciana Nature Reserve by bicycle

A scenic route through the Valdichiana Senese

The Pietraporciana Nature Reserve is located within the Valdichiana Senese, between the municipalities of Chianciano Terme and Sarteano. It is a green area with more than 300 hectares of various types of woods, including a beautiful beech forest, characterized by a wide variety of fauna and flora. Where the rich vegetation thins out, panoramic terraces open up, allowing views of the Valdichiana and the neighboring Val d'Orcia from a privileged viewpoint.

We will reach the Pietraporciana Reserve starting from the Chiusi-Chianciano Terme train station, to then end the route at the Montepulciano station.

From the Chiusi train station we will pedal by road for the first 13 km of our journey, until we reach the medieval village of Sarteano. A brief visit to the historic center and the central Piazza Bargagli, which is always particularly lively and animated, and it is time to continue in the direction of the main destination of our route.

After cycling for 7 km we find ourselves inside the Pietraporciana Nature Reserve, a true oasis of tranquility. Among the many points of interest of the reserve, we find not only natural beauty, but also the famous caves carved into the limestone rock and the "caterpillar cave", which testify to the human presence in this area since ancient times, with traces that hint at the Bronze Age.

After this rejuvenating immersion in nature, we continue enjoying typically Tuscan views of hills and cypress trees in the area of La Foce, where the Valdichiana merges with the Val d'Orcia. A gentle ride leads us toward the center of Chianciano Terme, the spa town known worldwide for the healing properties of its waters.

From here, roll your sleeves up to reach Montepulciano. About ten kilometers separate the two towns, for a route on an almost entirely uphill road. We'll reach the highest point of the town, Piazza Grande, there where the Renaissance historical center of Poliziano culminates.

The route ends at the Montepulciano train station, with the last 9 km downhill.


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