Befana flies over Tuscany!

Have you ever heard of the Befana? The Befana is an old (and ugly) woman of Italian folklore who brings presents to children the night of January 5th. The tradition says that she flies on her broom and delivers presents in stockings hanging over the fireplace. She usually comes down from the chimney and, in case the children behave badly during the year, she delivers coal instead of presents and sweets. According to tradition, Befana wears a long dark dress, an apron with patch pockets, a shawl, a crooked hat and worn-out slippers. Epiphany Eve corresponds to a Christian feast that commemorates the visitation of the biblical Wise Men to Baby Jesus. January 6th is considered the last day of the Christmas celebration and Italian families put away decorations from their homes. In Tuscany, there are lots of events celebrating the Befana. Here is a list for you and your children!  
Befana [Picture Credits: Fausto Frassinetti]
Befana [Picture Credits: Fausto Frassinetti]
  • Arezzo city centre: The Befana is coming at Palasport “Le Caselle” with presents on January 6.
  • Subbiano: The Befana is coming to bring sweets to participants on January 5.
  • Terranuova Bracciolini: The Befana is coming with sweets for kids and gam
  • S.Piero A Sieve: The Befana is coming to town by train.
  • Florence city centre: the Three Magi walk in procession through city centre and reach Piazza Duomo.
  • Grosseto: The Befana comes down from the Provincial headquarters building on January 5th. Other events willtake place throughthe streets of Grosseto and at the Hospital, where the Befana is going to bring some candies.
  • Massa Marittima: The Befana is coming.
  • Rispescia: “Befanata”.
  • Porto Ercole: The Befana is coming to bring sweets to participants on Lungomare Andrea. Doria.
  • Castiglione della Pescaia: The Befana Market.
  • Arcidosso: The Befana descends from Torre Aldobrandesca.
  • Porto Santo Stefano: The Befana is coming.
  • Leghorn: The Befana will give presents to the children in Piazza delle Carrozze.
  • Pegnana Alta, Barga: The Befana's House and all around the streets.
  • Capezzano: capital city of the Befana.
Befana [Picture Credits: Simone Tagliazucchi ]
Befana [Picture Credits: Simone Tagliazucchi ]
Massa Carrara
  • Carrara: grotesque characters called "pefan" pass through the streets of the city with sweets and wine.
  • Filattiera: The Befana will give presents and sweets to the children in the central square.
  • Massa Cinquale Airport: A flying Befana.
  • Pistoia: The Befana comes down from the Duomo (organized by fireman).
  • Santa Maria a Monte: Guinness World Record stocking and "Miss Befana".
  • Cascina: The Befana comes from the sky at Torre Civica.
  • Prato: The Befana is coming in Piazza Duomo on January 6 (organized by fireman starting from 5pm).
  • Vaiano: The Befana is coming on January 5 (organized by fireman starting from 8pm).
  • Montemurlo: The Befana is coming on January 6 (organized by fireman)
  • Siena: The Befana comes down from Torre del Mangia.