La Verna Sanctuary - Chiusi della Verna
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Chiusi della Verna

Home to the famous Sanctuary of San Francesco, a famous place of religious pilgrimage

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Chiusi della Verna is situated between the valley of the river Arno and the river Tereve, in a strategic position between Casentino and Valtiberina.
The wide rocky outcrop rises up high from the hillside , which makes the Sanctuary of San Francesco alla Verna visible from all the surrounding countryside. This evocative site is one of the most famous for followers of San Francesco. The surrounding silvery beech forest only adds to the sanctuary’s allure.

The Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta visitors will find works of art by Andrea della Robbia, such as the ‘Annunciazione’ and the ‘Incarnazione’, both highly sacred works.
For those devoted to San Francesco there are several things that mustn’t be missed, such as the Sasso Spicco where the saint used to prey. There is also the Corridor and Chapel delle Stimmate (of the Stigmata), the place where, in 1224, the saint received the ‘last seal’ from Christ.
During warm summer night sit’s impossible not to get carried away by the soft music that drifts from the Festival Internazionale di Musica d’Organo (International Festival of Organ Music) which takes place in the Sanctuary’s Basilica.
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