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Riding around Monte Santo

Among the beauty of the Casentino forests, stopping at the famous Santuario de La Verna
by  Casentino

A loop route with long stretches in open environments: meadows, pastures, cultivations and former cultivations. This magnificent route is especially recommended for mid-season because of the presence of long and sunny - although very scenic - stretches. In the summer season it is preferable to avoid the hottest hours of the day.

We start from Chiusi della Verna climbing slightly up to the junction on the right to La Beccia, continuing straight on to the next junction. In this stretch we will follow the Provincial Road of Alto Corsalone, remaining at altitude for about 5 kilometers. Then the road begins to descend downstream; a few hundred meters before the hamlet of Rimbocchi a hard off-road climb begins, when we will take a right onto a cart track that cuts through the first hairpin bends of the driveway. Those who wish to save some energy - electric or muscular - instead of turning onto the dirt road can continue toward Rimbocchi and turn right immediately after the village sign, in the direction of Biforco, and follow the paved road that rejoins our track after the first six hairpin bends.

The road continues to climb until it passes by some hamlets with beautiful stone houses. The last of these, the hamlet of Doccione, will also be the last sign of civilization that we will see until the end of the tour. We continue uphill, between dirt tracks and sheep-tracks, to the Gualanciole pass and then to the Pratelle pass, where the last, short 1.5-kilometer climb begins, taking us to the top of Monte Calvano, from which we will be able to enjoy a superb view.

After deservedly resting, lying on the meadows of Monte Calvano, in a few kilometers we will be at the Hermitage of La Verna, where we can make a stop for a visit to the famous sanctuary and, if we wish, refresh ourselves.

The last downhill stretch takes us back to the hamlet of La Beccia and to Chiusi della Verna, where our tour ends.


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