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Rocca di Sala
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Rocca di Sala

Ghibelline fortress once defended beautiful Pietrasanta

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Pietrasanta, with its lanceted walls, is one of the most beautiful towns in the Versilia area. Here, visitors can see ancient noble palaces and hear sudden noises coming from nearby bronze and marble factories. The ancient Rocca di Sala is the area’s best vantage point when it comes to studying the city center’s urban layout. It dominates the Piazza Duomo which includes the Cathedral with its red bell tower, Palazzo Moroni, the golden facade of St. Augustine and the Torre delle Ore.
Also called ‘the Rocca Ghibellina’, the fortress is composed of a fortified complex with square corner towers and a central structure. Its history is linked to the origins of Pietrasanta which date back to the Lombard era. In the fourteenth century, Castruccio Castracani ordered its fortification and the construction of a fortress, the Rocca Arrighini. The town of Pietrasanta developed around these two fortresses. Its strategic position on the hill dominating the city attracted the attention of powerful lords. In the fifteenth century, Paolo Guinigi, built a residential building using the remains of the ancient walls. Over the centuries, the fortress has housed famous people including emperors and popes. In 1700, it stopped being a military structure and was sold by order of Leopold I, Grand Duke of Tuscany.
(Source: the Tourist Information Office of Versilia)

Land of artists and marble workers between the Apuan Alps and the sea
The fascinating city of Pietrasanta is the perfect destination for art enthusiasts, both classic and contemporary. A gathering place for artists from all across the world and a true hub for international sculpture, in recent decades, Pietrasanta has become a something of an open-air museum, where visitors can admire, among the many galleries and public piazzas, an uninterrupted continually ...