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Valentine’s Day: art and love in Tuscany

Top 5 of the most romantic palces in which you can spend a super Valentine's day!

Valentine’s Day is coming! If you’re planning a short or long holiday with your loved one, you may want to check out our selection of truly romantic spots in Tuscany! Here are the 5 that we’ve chosen for you!

Vitaleta Chapel
Vitaleta Chapel
Vitaleta Chapel - Credit: Luca Argalia

Let’s start with one of the most iconic and romantic images of Tuscany. The lovely chapel of Vitaleta, which is located in the heart of one of the best-loved landscapes in the world: the gentle hills and cypress trees of Val d’Orcia. Built between 1867 and 1870, on top of the ruins of the monastery of Saint Francis, this little chapel will look stunning in the background of your San Valentine’s photos!

Pienza street
Pienza street - Credit: Serena Puosi

In the maze-like narrow alleys of Pienza, you’ll bump into “Kiss Street”(Via del Bacio)“Love Street” (Via dell’Amore) and “Fortune Street” (Via della Fortuna). The town was the setting of Franco Zeffirelli’s movie “Romeo and Juliet”, so it doesn’t really get more romantic than that!


- Credit: Giuseppe Moscato

For a Valentine’s day off the beaten path, head towards the Abbey of Vallombrosa (about 30 km south-east of Florence). You’ll discover an oasis of peace and silence, surrounded by woods.


Spa from Play Your Tuscany
Spa from Play Your Tuscany - Credit: Goncalo Figueiredo

Of course, one of the best things that you can do in Tuscany for a special Valentine’s Day is to treat yourself to a relaxing day (and night) at the spa: hot springs and therapeutic waters, beautiful settings, massages and cuddles, relaxation and healthy food. Have a look at the thermal establishments that are worth a visit also from a natural, historical or artistic point of view.


The walls of Lucca
Lucca walls by night
Lucca walls by night - Credit: Simone Girlanda

Climb up to the top of the perfectly preserved city walls of Luccaa ring around the city covering a total of more than 4 kilometres of striking tree-lined embankments, which also make this a wonderful green space. Come here at sunset with your loved one, with a bottle of wine and two glasses and enjoy the exceptional view over the churches and towers of Lucca with the Apuan Alps on the horizon.

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