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Gulf of Piombino
Photo © Sistema Plein Air s.r.l.
Photo © Sistema Plein Air s.r.l.

South coast by camper: praise for slowness

Ideas for an unforgettable en plein air vacation between the Etruscan Coast and Maremma

by  PleinAir

Dives into a blue sea and treasures of art and history, discoveries of mining archaeology and exciting landscapes from the heights of villages.

The beauty of traveling by camper in freedom, easily exploring coastal locations in Tuscany thanks to an abundance of equipped areas, agri-campsites and parking lots.

  • 1.
    Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park
  • 2.
    Venturina Terme and Campiglia Marittima
  • 3.
    Sterpaia Park
  • 4.
    Massa Marittima
  • 5.
    Scarlino and Cala Violina
  • 6.
    Castiglione della Pescaia and the Diaccia Botrona Nature Reserve

Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park

Tomb in the necropolis of San Cerbone
Tomb in the necropolis of San Cerbone - Credit: AlMare

In addition to scenic beauty, this area has an archaeological heritage of unquestionable value. Populonia is the only Etruscan town built on the sea. You can visit the Necropolis of San Cerbone to admire burials from various eras, then we recommend the climb up to the Acropolis, from which you can overlook the Gulf of Baratti, the Tuscan Archipelago and the upper Maremma.

Pay attention: from Easter until September, due to the reduced width of the roadway, the access road to the park is off-limits to campers, who can park in the parking lot located at the gates of the area. The rest of the year the parking lot inside the park is available.

Venturina Terme and Campiglia Marittima

San Silvestro Archeological Park parking area
San Silvestro Archeological Park parking area - Credit: Sistema Plein Air s.r.l.

For a moment of pure relaxation, the Venturina spa is perfect and has a large area equipped for campers. Inland, let's take a dip into the Middle Ages at Campiglia Marittima, a splendid village overlooking the Val di Cornia. The presence of a parking area suitable for campers at the gates of the village makes it easy to visit.

Discover the nearby San Silvestro Archeological Mines Park, where copper, lead and silver were once mined, and today a small train runs through the mine tunnels. On the way to the site there is a large, marked parking lot on the right (Via di San Vincenzo - SP20) with a steeply downhill but well-traveled ramp that also allows campers to stop near the entrance and the refreshment point.

Sterpaia Park

The Sterpaia sea at sunset
The Sterpaia sea at sunset - Credit: Alessandro Corsoni

A swim in the crystal-clear waters of the beautiful "Blue Flag" beach of the Sterpaia Coastal Park is an irresistible temptation. The landscape surprises with its variety, including dunes, woods and clearings leading to the sea. There are services, rest stops, picnic areas and bathing establishments that are also accessible to the disabled. We can also leave our camper in nearby rest areas or in equipped facilities not far away.

Massa Marittima

Massa Marittima
Massa Marittima - Credit: Daniele Roccabianca

The area included in the Grosseto Metalliferous Hills Park is one of the most important mining districts in Europe, exploited since ancient times. Among the municipalities included in the park is the village of Massa Marittima, one of the most significant artistic centers of the Maremma.
The visit can only start from the scenic central square, overlooked by the Bishop's Palace, the Municipal Palace with the Bargello Tower and the Praetorian Palace with its facade adorned with the noble crests of the podestà, where the Archaeological Museum and the tourist office are located. After a stop at the headquarters of the Monteregio di Massa Marittima Wine Route, located a few steps from the square, the walk through the historic center can continue by visiting the other treasures of this extraordinary village.
We point out the presence of a camper rest area (Piazzale Monacelle, Viale Risorgimento) a few minutes from the historic center.

Scarlino and Cala Violina

Cala Violina
Cala Violina - Credit: comune di Scarlino

To immerse yourself in nature you can explore the Bandite di Scarlino, a protected oasis rich in Mediterranean scrub. The reserve features a dense network of trails and leads toward Cala Violina, a true wonder. To preserve the ecosystem, access to the beach is limited in summer and you must book in advance through the dedicated website. During the visit, we can use the dirt parking lot inside the Bandite di Scarlino Nature Reserve or opt for one of the open-air accommodations in the area and reach the trailhead of the path by bicycle.

Castiglione della Pescaia and the Diaccia Botrona Nature Reserve

Castiglione della Pescaia
Castiglione della Pescaia - Credit: Sistema Plein Air s.r.l.

The beautiful town of Castiglione della Pescaia is recognized for its care for the environment, so much so that it has held the Blue Flag for many years.
From the old village, situated on a promontory overlooking the sea, follow the course of the Bruna River inland to the Diaccia Botrona Nature Reserve, a wetland area equipped for bird watching. We can use the rest area outside the village (Via Orsa Maggiore, Paduline locality) and from there visit both the historic center and the nature reserve by bike.

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