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Naturalistic attractions

Cala Violina

The sound of the sand recalls the soporific strings of a violin

The origin of its name

The sand of Cala Violina
The sand of Cala Violina - Credit: Comune di Scarlino

How to reach it

Cala Violina
Cala Violina - Credit: Comune di Scarlino

The new rules

Cala Violina - Scarlino
Cala Violina - Scarlino - Credit: Comune di Scarlino
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Enchanting bays surrounded by a rich Mediterranean scrub in Maremma
Scarlino is a modern industrial center home to the beautiful Puntone marina, a harbor that blends effortlessly into the beauty of the surrounding landscape, allowing you to delight in the perfect mix of scenery, wildlife and history. ...
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