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Photo © / StevanZZ
Photo © / StevanZZ

Cala Violina

Naturalistic attractions

The sound of the sand recalls the soporific strings of a violin

Cala Violina is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Maremma. In order to visit it in total safety, access is limited to 700 people per day from 1 June to 15 September.

Cala Violina, in the Mediterranean scrub of the Scarlino natural reserve, is a strip of beach facing an unspoiled sea, enclosed between two promontories. Here, you can find perfect routes for those who love sports, with walks varying from leisurely strolls to demanding climbs, also great for mountain bikes. The spot is also popular in spring and autumn thanks to its mild climate.

Near the beach, there are benches and tables for a picnic in the shade but make sure to take your waste away with you. There are no waste bins in the area to avoid attracting wild boars at night.

The origin of its name

The sand of Cala Violina
The sand of Cala Violina - Credit: Comune di Scarlino

Located between Follonica and Punta Ala in the municipality of Scarlino, it takes its name from its unique feature: tiny quartz grains of different shapes that with each step "play a melody" that resembles that produced by a violin. Sound beaches are an ancient phenomenon, already narrated by Marco Polo in the dunes of the Dunhang desert. There are only around one hundred similar places in the world. How does a beach make sounds? One of the most accepted hypotheses is that sound waves are caused by the vibration of the grains when they are moved. Once trampled with a firm movement, they emit a frequency between 500 and 2,500 hertz.

How to reach it

Cala Violina
Cala Violina - Credit: Comune di Scarlino

Cala Violina can be reached on foot or by bicycle in a tiring but beautiful route from the Puntone di Scarlino, immediately after the Portiglioni area. You can also reach it through the countryside, arriving by car or motorbike at the parking area of Pian d'Alma, a typical rural area in Maremma characterized by large crops and small farms. But there is also another way to reach this pearl in Tuscany, the sea. From the port of Scarlino (renowned for international sailing competitions) and from the Fiumara canal, which is located next to the port, direct boat trips depart from the splendid coves of Scarlino, including Cala Martina, a fascinating place taken by Giuseppe Garibaldi in 1849.

How to access

Cala Violina - Scarlino
Cala Violina - Scarlino - Credit: Comune di Scarlino

Cala Violina beach is a natural heritage site of the highest value. For an unforgettable experience in total safety, a maximum of 700 people per day can access it from 1 June to 15 September.

To book in advance your place at Cala Violina you should follow all the instructions available on the website a contribution of 1 euro is required for the reservation fee. For children from 1 to 12 years of age there is no fee, only a reservation. For children from 0 to 12 months, no fee and no reservation are required.

Please note that tickets are non-refundable and reservations cannot be changed. In alternative, not far from here, Cala Martina and Cala Civette can be reached on foot or by bicycle along the paths in the Costiere area.

Once at Cala Violina you will be welcomed by stewards who will give you all the necessary information.
The beach is not supervised by bathing attendants.