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Apuan alps waterfall

Refresh yourself! Three waterfalls in Versilia

A few tips on where to find natural waterfalls in the Versilia area

If you love swimming in blue waters but you don’t particularly like going to the beach, there is the perfect option for you right here in Tuscany - natural waterfalls.

In Versilia, there are several waterfalls of fresh (sometimes icy!) water. The three most popular can be found in Casoli di Camaiore, Candalla and Malbacco. Let’s visit them together – comfortable sandals and a bathing suit recommended!

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Candalla mill
Candalla mill - Credit: _alessandrofiori_

Candalla is set in the hills of Camaiore, immersed in an extraordinary landscape that stretches from the Apuan Alps to the Versilia seaside. Located behind Camaiore, Candalla is not far from the village of Vado and next to an old mill where a charming wooded path begins. Walk along the banks of the river Lombricese, where you can find the ruins of historic factories (such as mills) and where the tools and structures are still visible. The contrast between the natural beauty of the river and the architecture of these early industrial buildings is remarkable.

Crossing the river on the smooth stones, you reach the walls where climbers have been ascending since the 1980s. These walls are fully equipped and with various levels of difficulty. The water of the river is cold and crystalline and you can even swim in basins that are connected by smaller waterfalls.

Imagine a day in the silence of nature, immersed in the natural paradise of Candalla…how lovely!



Casoli is an ancient town built on the winding and picturesque river of Lombricese. It's located 403 meters above sea level, nestled on the foothills of Mount Matanna. It can be reached by taking the road that leads first to Vado and then to Metato and Lombrici. Keep in mind that the road is about ten kilometers long and full of curves and bends. Once you arrive at the cemetery of Casoli, you have to take a dirt road and after about ten minutes, you reach the river.

The clear water flows between the green of the surrounding hills and fills the pools. During the week, it's a tranquil and relaxing place but during the weekends it's frequented by locals as well as many tourists, who come here as they travel along the Old Mills Trail (“Itinerario turistico-ambientale Opifici del Lombricese”).



Malbacco waterfalls
Malbacco waterfalls - Credit: aldochiofalo

The third waterfall is called Malbacco and it's situated in the town of Seravezza. Here, the river Serra flows into the river Vezza (hence the name Seravezza, that comes to form the Versilia river). In Malbacco, the river is simply beautiful with impressive spots to jump into the water. There are many water basins in Malbacco but the best known is a big one – it's a 10-meter-high waterfall that some people dive into. The water is crystalline and the waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation.

To reach Malbacco, follow the directions for Pietrasanta, then for Vallecchia. Follow the road along the river, cross a bridge and turn right. After Corvaia, Seravezza and Riomagno, you’ll find Malbacco.

This article was originally written by Serena Puosi.

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