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Photo © Comune di Firenze
Photo © Comune di Firenze

Regenerative experiences around Florence

Ideas for exploring and savoring an area that is good for the soul

If everyday life is made up of commitments that add up, one after another, tight schedules, car rides, glimpsed snippets of sky between buildings, the point of vacation is to be able to get away from it all. The destination will make all the difference.

In our free time we all long to find a dimension of regeneration, and around Florence this is possible. This portion of Tuscan land offers a diverse palette of landscapes, ranging from plains to hills to mountains.

For those who know how to go in search of new wonders will find them close at hand and just a few kilometers from the most well-known city in the world when it comes to Tuscany: Florence.

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    Picnics on the farm
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    Extra virgin olive oil tasting among olive trees
  • 3.
    Biking among the vineyards

Picnics on the farm

Maiano farm
Maiano farm - Credit: Comune di Firenze

Surrounded by the hills, we can indulge in relaxing horizons: we experience a picnic on a farm, just a few kilometers from Florence, in the hills of Fiesole. Always choosing local products we enjoy the scents and flavors of food, prepared in the traditional way, with raw materials grown in the area.

Extra virgin olive oil tasting among olive trees


Slowing down the pace also means getting closer to the times of nature, in the countryside this corresponds to precise work that takes place according to the succession of the seasons, in the cultivated fields, among the rows of vineyards, among the mighty trunks of olive trees.
So why not experience the harvesting, the pressing of the olives and the subsequent tasting of the precious extra virgin olive oil, the great pride of Tuscany, directly on the farms that produce it.

Biking among the vineyards

The vineyards around Florence
The vineyards around Florence - Credit: Comune di Firenze

Slow tourism prefers routes to be taken on foot, in the midst of nature, where, like modern pilgrims traversing paths, ancient or newly marked, you can admire the beauty of the landscapes at a slow pace.

For walking or biking routes, the choice is ample: recently, thanks to the widespread use of e-bikes, two wheels have truly become within everyone’s reach. Why not tackle a tour of the beautiful hills between Pontassieve and Rufina, where among rows of vineyards, windmills and castles you can also enjoy a good glass of Chianti Rufina.

These and other experiences in the area around Florence can be found in the Deals section and on the Destination Florence website.

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