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Montepulciano: In the footsteps of "New Moon"

Tour the town where film was made

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Chianciano Terme-Valdichiana Tourist Information Office

The film adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight book series, New Moon, was filmed in the beautiful Montepulciano area in the province of Siena. The town’s historic center became the hub of the movie set during filming. Shots were also filmed along the country roads surrounding Montepulciano, the San Biagio temple, the town’s main thoroughfare and the small streets with the city walls.

The scenes with the Volturi were filmed inside Palazzo del Comune, the Cantina del Redi and other centrally located historical buildings. The film’s centerpiece—when Bella saves Edward—was filmed in Piazza Grande and the entrance to the Palazzo del Comune. The seven meter tall fountain described in the book was reconstructed on site out of wood and papier-mâché.

Visitors who take the tour will visit all of the spots where scenes between vampire Edward Cullen and his human paramour Bella Swan were filmed. A sumptuous (and unique) dinner follows featuring vampire dishes like bat appetizers and accompanied by the area’s famous Nobile di Montepulciano red wine.

For those who also live by day, the weekend includes a visit to the town’s historic wine cellars and its Renaissance architecture. The town is nicknamed “Jewel of the 1500s” thanks to its splendid Renaissance art and architecture. Climbing the town’s steep hills leads to the discovery of its beautiful palazzos and churches where the most renowned Renaissance artists were working.