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Explore the secrets of the hidden villages collected in "Toscana Ovunque Bella"

4 legends from the hidden Tuscany you probably don’t know

Legend of the Werewolf in Pontremoli

pontremoli- tuscany
pontremoli- tuscany - Credit: Gian Marco Tedaldi

The Woman's Ghost in Cerreto Guidi

cerreto guidi - tuscany
cerreto guidi - tuscany - Credit: courtesy of Cerreto Guidi municipality

A bloodshed caused by jealousy in Figline

Villa San Cerbone
Villa San Cerbone - Credit: commemorative plaque in Villa Cerbone by Sailko

The ghost of a long-standing enemy in Nicosia

calci certosa
calci certosa - Credit: marco via flickr

Art and Culture
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Art and Culture
Tuscany is the cradle of the Renaissance and known all over the world for its immense artistic and cultural heritage.  continue...
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