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Pontormo’s house in Empoli


The birthplace of one of the leaders of modern Mannerism in Tuscany

In the village of Pontorme, near Empoli, you can visit the home where Jacopo Carucci, known as “Il Pontormo,” was born in 1494 and spent his youth before moving to Florence.

The museum’s exhibition route begins on the ground floor with the multimedia installation “Quiete, silenzio e solitudine” (Quite, silence and solitude), which narrates the life and artistic career of Pontormo, while on the first floor, you can see objects and artworks that attest to his painting style, including the pages of preparatory sketches for the altarpiece depicting Saints John the Evangelist and the Archangel Michael, conserved in the nearby Church of San Michele in Pontorme, a page from the painter’s diary, pieces of ceramic cookware brought to light during the building’s restoration and a 15th-century canvas painting modelled after the original by Pontormo.


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