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brolio castle

Castles, ghosts and legends: otherworldly Tuscan tales

From Lunigiana to the Casentino area, the region is full of superb castles that have inspired the spookiest legends.

The legend of Bianca Maria Aloisia, the female ghost at the Malaspina castle

castles malaspina
castles malaspina - Credit: Davide Papalini

The ghost bride of Vincigliata in Fiesole

Castles of Vincigliata
Castles of Vincigliata - Credit: Maxcivi

The spectrum of the Iron Baron in Brolio

Brolio Castle
Brolio Castle

The ghost of Matelda at Conti Guidi castle in Poppi

Conti Guidi Castle
Conti Guidi Castle - Credit: Luca Cerini
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