Fish and Seafood in Tuscany

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Which fish and seafood will I find in Tuscany?

Tuscany's coast is on the Tyrrhenian sea and it is part of the Mediterranean area.  Here is a list with the most common local seafood that you are likely to find in Tuscany. I thought it would help to have a list with the italian and english name  for your meals in restaurants or in case you decide to buy fish off a boat or at the supermarket. If there is a fish or mollusk you believe might fit in this list, feel free to write a comment here or on Facebook. I have taken the most common and easy to find in a dish or at the supermarket into consideration.
  • triglie - mullet
  • orate - sea bream
  • branzino - seabass
  • scorfano - scorpionfish
  • calamari- squid
  • polpo - octopus
  • vongole - clams
  • cozze - mussels
  • sarde- sardines
  • acciughe - anchovies
  • seppie - cuttlefish
  • gamberi - prawn
  • scampi - langoustines
  • aragoste - spiny lobster
  • sogliole - sole
  • palamita - bonito
  • coda di rospo - monkfish
  • cicale - mantis shrimp
  • gallinella - tub gurnard
  • dentice - red snapper