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Baptistery of Pisa

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The magnificent monument in Piazza del Duomo

The beautifu Battistero of Pisa, located in Piazza dei Miracoli, is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist and it’s the largest baptistery in Italy and worldwide.

The construction was begun in 1153 by Diotisalvi, architect of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, but was completed after a century due to the interruption of the works by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano: this is why the building displays a characteristic mix of two styles, the romanesque and the gothic.

In the magical setting of Piazza dei Miracoli, the baptistery stands beside the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the highly distinctive Leaning Tower and, finally, the Monumental Cemetery.

The Baptistery of Saint John
The Baptistery of Saint John

These famous architectures, of extraordinary artistic value, are the flagship of the city of Pisa that has become world famous and a must-see destination for millions of tourists who come to visit Tuscany.

The order of arches surrounding the baptistery is adorned with heads and sculptures attributed to Nicola and Giovanni Pisano and considered among their most important works. In the center of the monument is placed the beautiful baptismal font and, next to the altar, stands the pulpit dating back to 1260, a work by the great Nicola Pisano, where scenes from the Life of Christ and other topics symbolizing the Virtues are carved.
The interior of the Baptistery, very simple and devoid of decoration, has exceptional acoustics.

Here, in 1564, Galieo Galilei was baptized. This is why the Baptistery is the perfect place to begin a walking itinerary to discover the places associated with the great scientist.

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Opera della Primaziale Pisana
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