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Open-air museum of urban art in Pisa


The most extensive diffused museum in Italy

Four thousand square meters of painted surfaces, 15 authors, 25 diffuse works: these are some numbers of the most extensive open-air museum dedicated to urban art in Italy.
We are in Pisa, the city that hosted Keith Haring and guards his last mural - Tuttomondo (All the World) - and where, a new generation of artists, has given life to a series of diffused works spread between the city center, the Darsena (Dock) and the Porta a Mare district.
The diffused museum winds its way between the mural of Kobra at the gates of the historic center, which is inspired by the genius of Galileo, to the Darsena also encompassing the pillars of the Florence-Pisa-Livorno highway, which have also become objects of art.

Mural dedicated to Galileo Galilei by Kobra
Mural dedicated to Galileo Galilei by Kobra

The first cycle of murals was created in 2017 in the Porta a Mare neighborhood by some of Italy's most highly regarded street artists: right here is Re-Nasci by Gaia (Andrew Pisacane): a monument to work that tells the story of the neighborhood, which began with the construction of the Navicelli Canal.
Moving on over the years, many other artists have found their canvas on Pisa's buildings: in 2023 Brazilian artist Kobra created on the Maccarrone Center one of the largest murals in Italy inspired by Galileo Galilei's discoveries of Jupiter's moons using the famous leaning tower as a telescope, in an exchange between faith and science.

Artist Kobra at Palazzo Blu
Artist Kobra at Palazzo Blu - Credit:

Also in 2023, artists such as Etnik and Zed1 added prestigious pieces to the collection of murals in the Porta a Mare neighborhood, at the Hydraulic Police depot and in nearby private homes.
The Enigmi del cuore (Enigmas of the Heart) - Zed1 - represents the artist's imaginary world: the desires of a girl, symbolizing the city of Pisa, are depicted as blooming roses and the question marks on the flowers, leaving everyone to their own interpretation, while Urban texture by Etnik is the abstract composition of the city's textures.
To learn about all the works on the itinerary, visit the official website of the City of Pisa.

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