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Kobra's mural in Pisa
Photo © Guglielmo Giambartolomei
Photo © Guglielmo Giambartolomei

Tribute to Galileo Galilei, Kobra's mural in Pisa


The Brazilian street artist's work symbolizes the connections between past and future

In Pisa, just a few steps away from "Tuttomondo" (All the World), Keith Haring's masterpiece, we find an extraordinary mural dedicated to Galileo Galilei, painted by Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra on november 2023.
The work is on Via Silvio Pellico and covers more than 160 square meters. It is a wonderful, vibrant and colorful tribute to one of the greatest scientists in history.
Kobra depicted him intent in the activity of observing with a telescope "thath is shaped like the Leaning Tower of Pisa".
The work of the artist born in São Paulo in 1975 refers to the global dimension of Galileo's discoveries, which had a fundamental impact on the evolution of science and knowledge. At the same time, the mural symbolizes the connections between past and future, between the history of Pisa, from Maritime Republic to port city, and the birth of the Internet, the global network that has made the world an increasingly interconnected place.
Kobra's work is also a message of hope for the future: it suggests that in an increasingly complex and globalized world, it is possible to build bridges between different cultures and ideas.