Extra-virgin olive oil makes for great skin treatments

From fine condiment to excellent cosmetic product

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Despite its indispensable use in the kitchen, olive oil has recently been experiencing a boom when it comes to the creation of beauty products. A myriad of cosmetics companies are currently launching various lines based on precious ‘green gold’ which are being received on the market with ample success. Both men and women seem to be particularly impressed by the benefits of olive oil when it comes to caring for one’s physical health. Thanks to its fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, olive oil is particularly useful for treating red, dry skin and for combating aging. It gives the skin renewed elasticity and softness and it’s also great for making one’s hair healthier. Many new scientific research projects are now confirming what the ancients already knew. In ancient Greece, olive oil was used for massages and to treat skin problems. Modern-day buyers can chose from soaps, shampoo, conditioners, face creams and body oils based on olive oil.

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