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Sunflowers in Maremma
Photo ©Giovanni

What's the best time of the year to visit Tuscany?

Tips and suggestion to understand why Tuscany's worth a visit all year round

Traveling to Tuscany is always a great experience and each season has something special to offer. That's why it's impossible to define which is the best time of the year to visit it. Anyway, we can tell you what you can find at each period, in order to let you decide following your own expectations and desires.

Spring in Tuscany

Spring means the beginning of a new life: the temperature gets warmer, flowers blossom everywhere, tourists from all over the world arrive here to admire the beauty of the Tuscan landscape.
If you want to visit Florence during the Easter holidays, don't miss the Explosion of the chart. Every year hundreds of people take part in this social event and follow a procession with traditional costumes, musicians and flag-wavers.
If you're traveling with kids, take them to the Pinocchio Park in Collodi. The inventor of Pinocchio was a Tuscan writer called Carlo Lorenzini, known as Carlo Collodi. The renowned writer took his surname from Collodi, the small village set in the Valdinievole area.
If the weather is milder, generally from the end of May, locals start going to the Tuscan beaches and even if the water is still too cold to swim, it's possible to get the first tan of the year and to enjoy the sight and the smell of the sea.
If you prefer walking, spring and autumn are the best period for hiking.  From the mountain peaks of the Apennines to the Tuscan Maremma, from the Via Francigena to the Renaissance ring of Florence, Tuscany offers itineraries for all kinds of trekkers.

Spring in Tuscany
Spring in Tuscany - Credit: Franco Vannini
Summer in Tuscany

Summer is the season of sunflowers, medieval festivals, open air music events and long days on the beach! If it's too hot you can also choose to take shelter in a museum like the Uffizi Gallery. Otherwise we suggest this 7 days itinerary in the Tuscan archipelago or - if you prefer the countryside atmosphere - one week in Tuscany with Cortona as home base

If you like adventure and discovery you cannot miss the vie cave, an ancient itinerary with incredibly narrow paths that the Etruscans cut into mile-high tuff (tufa) stone, in the Maremma area.

Remeber that in July it's easy to get the shopping fever because of the summer sales (read our article about the outlets in Tuscany). 

Sunflowers - Credit: Marco Magrini
Autumn in Tuscany

There are many good reasons to visit Tuscany in Autumn: it's harvest time; truffles, mushrooms and chestnuts abound; the temperature is mild and the colours are beautiful; there are sport events like Florence Marathon...
Speaking of sports, if you like bycicles don't miss "L'Eroica bike race" in Gaiole in Chianti, happening every first Sunday of October. There, with a vintage bike, you can take a tour on gravel roads through the wonderful landscapes of Sienese Chianti, the Valdarbia, the Crete Senesi and the Val d'Orcia all around. 

Autumn in Tuscany
Autumn in Tuscany - Credit: Fabrizio Angius
Winter in Tuscany

Tuscany is definitely not one of the coldest places in Europe. If you are not going up to the mountains, temperature hardly goes below 0°C (32F) and when it snows in a city like Florence everyone wants to take photos of the best views because it's really uncommon to see a "white Florence".

Winter is not a popular season for tourism, so you have the possibility to discover how people really lives around here. It's a good season to visit museums, drink red wine, go shopping, visit hot springs like Saturnia or playing snow sports. In February/March immerse yourself in the biggest carnival (Viareggio) or the oldest one (Foiano). There is a very interesting article called "Tuscany without the crowds" by The New York Times where the journalist Danielle Pergament explains her reasons why winter is a fantastic time to visit Tuscany.
You can also read these tips to enjoy your winter here!


Snow in Florence
Snow in Florence - Credit: Simon

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