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Itinerari acquatici in Toscana

Una breve guida per chi ama l’avventura

Gli sport acquatici sono l’ideale per chi ama trascorrere del tempo all’aria aperta, in solitaria o in compagnia.
Sono spesso molto versatili e con una buona preparazione fisica e una dose di coraggio è possibile scegliere fra tante proposte: lanciarsi in un’escursione rafting a bordo di un gommone tra le rapide di un fiume, avventurarsi fra le gole misteriose di un canyon oppure partire per una giornata di river trekking.
Ognuna di queste esperienze regala emozioni molto forti, per immergersi nella natura e mettersi alla prova.

Kayak excursion from Marina di Campo to Lacona

Kayak at the island of Elba
Kayak at the island of Elba - Credit: ECONAUTA di Umberto Segnini

In the crystal-clear waters of the Island of Elba, a kayak itinerary with departure from Marina di Campo and arrival at the beautiful Lacona beach.
The sea kayak is the only boat that can pass between the semi-outcropping rocks of this stretch of sea: it is also easy to steer and thanks to the watertight lockers it allows you to stow a change of clothes and supplies for a picnic on the beach.
The emerald sea and the scents of the Mediterranean maquis will make this experience even more enjoyable.

River trekking and canyoning in the Orrido di Botri

Orrido di Botri
Orrido di Botri - Credit: Rik & Ste

Near Bagni di Lucca, in Garfagnana, we find the Orrido di Botri, a striking limestone canyon located on the slopes of the Rondinaio and Tre Potenze mountains.
The gorge has been carved over the millennia by the waters of streams, and the impervious walls of the Orrido reach up to 200 meters in height in some places: this is why they have always been chosen by golden eagles for nesting.
The river trekking experience in the final part of the canyon is a journey into the bowels of the Garfagnana, through water walks and over slippery boulders, in an environment where it is necessary to move carefully (in some sections there are fixed ropes to help you along the way).
The itinerary ends at the "Pool", the starting point of the mountaineering route reserved for canyoning, which can only be done with licensed mountain guides and if you are physically fit.


Soft rafting adventure to discover the wild Maremma

Soft rafting in Maremma
Soft rafting in Maremma - Credit: T-rafting

An itinerary along the stretch of the river Ombrone from its junction with the river Merse to the locality of Monte Antico: we are in Maremma in an unspoiled and wild valley.
This route is immersed in the typical Tuscan landscape and can be done in one day, but can also be extended: in this case it is possible to stay overnight in a local farmhouse.
The adventure ends in Paganico where you can take a rest eating a nice plate of Maremma tortelli.


Kayak and Rafting in Val di Lima

Rafting in Val di Lima
Rafting in Val di Lima - Credit: Alice Russolo

Near Bagni di Lucca, a trip to the white waters of the stream Lima, a stream that originates at the Abetone Pass, flows through very high mountains with no less than three navigable stretches.
Along the journey you will find many rapids, bends and obligatory passages: at the end of the route you can indulge in some relaxation at the Bagni di Lucca spa, a center with two natural steam caves.


River trekking and rafting in the river Elsa

SUP on the River Elsa
SUP on the River Elsa - Credit: T-rafting

A route to discover the turquoise waters of the river Elsa, a watercourse that originates in the Montagnola Senese.
This excursion can be done entirely on foot, but the more adventurous can do the first part by River Trekking - alternating walking and swimming - and the second part by raft - Soft Rafting.
The microclimate of the place is very special and the environment will also captivate you thanks to a waterfall and a very special legend that dates back to World War II.


Adventure in Kayak and SUP on Lake Bilancino

Kayak and SUP on Lake Bilancino
Kayak and SUP on Lake Bilancino - Credit: T-rafting

Moving to the Mugello, on Lake Bilancino - a man-made reservoir that collects water from the river Sieve - a variety of water experiences are possible.
For its natural views, clean, swimmable waters, equipped areas and excellent road connection to the city of Florence, the lake welcomes thousands of visitors each year.
Suitable for paddle boating, the lake is perfect for kayak and SUP (stand up paddle) enthusiasts.
This itinerary has as its starting and return point precisely the equipped beach at its bathing establishment where it is also possible to rent the necessary equipment.
From this beach, going counterclockwise along the lake, you will reach the most beautiful inlet of the lake after about 20-30 minutes of paddling.


Discovering the wild promontory of Piombino by kayak and SUP

Piombino in Kayak and SUP
Piombino in Kayak and SUP

At the transition point between the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, the promontory of Piombino rises north of the town of the same name.
A circumnavigable stretch of about 11 kilometers by sea kayak or SUP.
The itinerary is suitable for everyone because it is not particularly challenging and the view is extraordinary: clear sea, clear cliff rock and the Island of Elba in the background.


Kayak and SUP in the Valle dell'Inferno and Bandella Nature Reserve

Kayak in the Valle dell'Inferno and Bandella Nature Reserve
Kayak in the Valle dell'Inferno and Bandella Nature Reserve - Credit: T-rafting

Finally, we come to Valdarno where there are two artificial lakes created in the late 1950s as a result of the barrier built on the rocky course of the river Arno with two large dams for hydroelectric power generation.
The area of the Reserve of the Valle dell'Inferno-Bandella offers the perfect setting for a kayak or SUP adventure.
The starting point of the route is the ancient Ponte del Romito, located in the municipality of Laterina where the Arno has eroded - to a depth of several tens of meters - sediments and, in some stretches, the river flows in a bed embedded in the rock: we are in the narrow gorge known as Valle dell'Inferno.
The waters are calm and the fluvial environment is home to many varieties of birds.


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