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Vada to Castagneto Carducci: surfing and windsurfing

The surfers' heaven is on the Tuscan Coast

The Etruscan Coast is not only culture and historical places, you can do many forms of sport, including surf and windsurf. It is well-known in all of Europe, because the libeccio wind and the waves are perfect to practice these sports in a fantastic landscape that will enchant you.
Pietrabianca, Vada
Windsurf in Vada
Windsurf in Vada - Credit: Centro Windsurf Vada

Type of sport: Windsurfing
Level of difficulty: Easy
Facilities: Public and private parking, beaches with facilities, restaurants and bars.

You can windsurf here in any weather conditions, hot winds and high and low pressure. Ideal conditions are hot afternoon winds, a calm sea and medium intensity wind suitable for the various disciplines. When there is a strong depression-generated wind this spot allows all surfers to choose their wave size and to gradually push further out to sea.

Le gorette, Cecina mare
Windsurf in Cecina
Windsurf in Cecina - Credit: Spot 1 Surf School Center / Surf Shop

Type of sport: Windsurfing
Level of difficulty: intermediate
Facilities: Beach with facilities, restaurants and bars.

The beach and the sea bed here are sandy with sporadic parts of rocky coast. During the summer period, in good weather conditions, there are good chances of hot wind blowing with constant speed and duration. During the winter windsurfing is only possible when the sea is stormy. The offshore winds (tramontana – grecale - levante) are not suitable for going out to Le Gorette because they continually change direction and intensity.

Marina di Castagneto, Donoratico
Kitesurf in Marina di Castagneto
Kitesurf in Marina di Castagneto - Credit: Renzo Ferrante

Type of sport: Windsurfing and Kitesurfing
Level of difficulty: Easy
Facilities: Public and private parking, beaches with facilities, restaurants and bars.

The beach and sea bed at Marina di Castagneto are sandy. This stretch of coastline is often swept by south winds which, despite their intensity, do not rough up the sea. This is therefore an excellent spot for disciplines like “Freestyle” which require strong winds and a calm sea. Water sports are not recommended, however, in west winds because the sea becomes very rough. The large beach area is safe for kitesurfing. These good, safe conditions and frequency of wind make Marina di Castagneto the most popular spot on the entire Etruscan Coast.

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