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An ancient Etruscan village near the Livornese mountains, Castiglioncello is a world-renown tourist resort, known as the ‘Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea’. Visitors are sure to enjoy its protected bays and clean beaches or the chance to stroll along the pinewood forests that characterize its coastline. Celebrated by the Macchiaoli painters, this area has inspired illustrious figures from all sectors, transforming the city into a center for culture and entertainment. Its Pasquini Castle hosts important cultural and scientific events, including literary festivals and international conferences. The Diego Martelli Center for Art also hosts some of the city’s most significant initiatives. 

The area offers ample options for hikers and lovers of marine sports and foodies won’t be disappointed by local restaurants and trattorias spotlighting ancient traditions and recipes inspired by all the sea has to offer. The rocky coasts of Chioma in Castiglioncello and the wide beaches of  Rosignano Solvay and Vada (which have both been awarded ‘Blue Flags’ by the EU) are known for their stunning marine life.

Thanks to its geographical characteristics, Rosignano Marittimo was once an area that hosted intense mercantile traffic. In various towns throughout the area—such as Rosignano Solvay, Vada and Castelnuovo—history buffs can discover Etruscan ruins and ancient settlements. Rosignano Marittimo’s must-see museum, located in Palazzo Bombardieri, offers one of the area’s most important collections. Ancient civilizations made their home in this territory; archeological digs in S. Gaetano, for example, brought about the discovery of a large port quarter built in the I century AD. Visitors can still see the remains of thermal baths and a market place. 


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