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Castle of Rosignano Marittimo
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Rosignano Marittimo

Rosignano Marittimo overlooks wonderful vistas of the sea and surrounding hills

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Trails and paths through the greenery lead to fascinating reminders of the past, such as the washing troughs at Poggetti fountain and the windmill. Little towns are full of history and tradition and are surrounded by woods of cork, chestnut and Mediterranean scrub. Paths and trails follow through the countryside, reaching as far as Livorno. Castelnuovo was originally an ancient Roman military stronghold. A small castle dating from the 13th century and a lovely 7th century church are located in its medieval quarter.

Gabbro, often depicted in the paintings of Silvestro Lega, an artist of the Macchiaioli school, dates back to Etruscan-Roman times and has some interesting sites. In addition to the 18th century church, which houses paintings from the 15th century, there are some lovely manor houses and, along a path at the edge of the woods, a votive shrine and fountain dating back to the 17th century. The view from the 19th century village of Nibbiaia, where terraces look out over green countryside and woods, stretches as far as the sea.

Source: APT Costa degli Etruschi
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