Seaside Follonica


Set in a breathtaking gulf in a crystal clear sea

Follonica is located at the center of the gulf of the same name, between the promontory of Piombino and Punta Ala, near the island of Elba.
It was already famous for working and casting iron in ancient times. The name Follonica derives from the word ‘fulloni’, the antique bellows used for furnaces.
During the Grand Duchy of Leopold II, it became an important industrial center and a modern steel and iron factory was built close to the antique Medicean furnace. The factory remains intact and a number of its buildings have been converted into the Iron Museum and the library.
Today, the city has seen the development of small and medium sized industry, cottage industry and commerce. It has become an important, modern seaside resort with its economy now largely based on tourism, to such an extent that it is known as the “Rimini of the Maremma”. Follonica offers modern, efficient facilities.
The wide beaches are equipped for sailing and scuba diving. There are numerous itineraries within the Mediterranean scrub for walking, hiking, bicycling and horse back riding. In addition, there is a wide range of sporting facilities for tennis, skating, mini golf, soccer and horse back riding.
The Follonica Carnival is one of the most interesting of the town’s events. It was begun in 1949, and draws innumerable visitors attracted by the costume and the allegorical float parades. In recent years, various musical and cultural initiatives have been reintroduced as well as country fairs and pageants, often in collaboration with neighboring towns.

Source: APT Maremma

Cover image credit: Jacopo