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Acqua Village Water Parks


Pools, slides and fun for young and old in Cecina and Follonica

More than 2 kilometers of slides, 6,000 cubic meters of moving water, seven pools and 40,000 meters of greenery make the Acqua Village Water Parks in Cecina and Follonica a must-see destination for those who want to spend a day of pure fun with friends and family. 

The two water parks are designed to recreate a corner of Hawaii along the Tuscan coast, offering many different attractions suitable for everyone, adults, teens and young children. 

In Cecina, there are hundreds of meters of slides such as Pohaku, the 11-meter-high stone slide with 6 undulating descents to ride at full speed through waterfalls and splashes, or Loko, the fire slide that thanks to 3D Projection mapping technology takes us inside a volcano, and then again the Twister dark slide with its 15 meters of height. Special attractions include Lua Pele, the Island of Volcanoes where you can relax under the water of the Wailele waterfalls, Moku, the children's island fit for toddlers, and the large wave pool.

Lots of different attractions at the water village in Follonica as well, such as Naheka, the snake slide to be done completely in the dark to be surprised by sudden and colorful plays of light, or the Ukulele musical slide, and even Walu for adrenaline lovers with two Kamikaze slides. For relaxation there is Makai, the large wellness island with waterfalls, water games, whirlpools and sensory showers, as well as the special space for children and the large wave pool for everyone.

Acqua Village Water Parks
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