Gate of Casola in Lunigiana

Casola in Lunigiana

Gateway to the Apuan Park reveals a passage rich in natural beauty

Casola, from the roman "Casuli", is the entrance to the Parco delle Apuane in the Lunigiana. A very rich landscape of natural treasures, which is situated above a peak in the high course of the rivers Aulella and Tassonaro, in a key position which unifies the two mountain chains: the Apennine and the Alps in a border zone between theLunigiana and the Garfagnana.

The fortress was built around the 15th century near a castle that today shows only remains of a tower and walls. The ancient Palazzo comunale is the home of the Territorial Museum of the Aulella high valley, which tells the story of Lunigiana from the Palaeolithic to the present. Along the road linking Val di Magra to Garfagnana was built the Hospital of Tea, representing the place where traders and pilgrims stayed when they crossed Casola. The old town is well worth a visit and offers a variety of palaces, portals, medieval and renaissance shops.

Nearby, you can visit the Codiponte and Offiano Parishes, the San Lorenzo Parish Church and the Sanctuary of Minucciano in Garfagnana and the wonderful villages of Regnano, Ugliancaldo and Castiglioncello. Casola (during the summer, in particular in July and August) is included in the Via dei Mercati Medievali (Medieval Fairs Road), a territory initiative which calls many visitors. Also thetraditional festivals (in April in Casola, in June in Equi, and in September in Codiponte) call many tourists.

Casola has a key position near the Parco delle Apuane, and it offers many naturalistic and spa itineraries.

Among its important products: "La Marocca di Casola", a delicious bread with chestnut flour, to be eaten with cheeses and the lard of Colonnata.

Source: Apt Massa Carrata
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