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The Duomo Museum in Pisa

Visitors can learn about this world famous artistic monument in the multimedia Duomo Museum

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The Duomo Museum (Museo dell'Opera del Duomo) is housed in what was once a fifteenth century convent for Cappuccine di Clausura nuns, also known as Benedettine Cistercensi nuns.The museum is home to many of the Duomo’s treasures such as sculptures and architectural fragments from the buildings around piazza dei Miracoli. In particular, there is a group of sculptures by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano which used to decorate the Baptistery and the Cathedral, but which were removed to the museum during restoration work. Among the many fascinating items on display, there is the Romanesque era ‘Exultet’ liturgical scroll, an Islamic griffon which used to be on the roof of the Cathedral, busts and statues by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano which were once in the Baptistery, an ivory Madonna with Child by Giovanni Pisano and sculptures by Tino di Camaiore (the tomb and altar of San Ranieri and the monument dedicated to emperor Arrigo VII).

Opening hours
November – February: 10am-5pm (during the Christmas period 9am-6pm)
March: until March 9th 9am-6pm, until March 16th 9am-7pm, from March 17th 8am-8pm
April – September: 8am-8pm
October: closed

Entry fee
€5,00 for the museum only
€6,00 includes entry to one of the monuments in the piazza
€10,00 includes entry to all of the monuments in the piazza
Please go to www.opapisa.it for information about special discounts

Disabled access

Contact information

piazza Arcivescovado 6, Pisa
Telephone 050 3872210
E-mail info@opapisa.it

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