Valdera - Palaia
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Palaia fortress

A splendid view of the medieval village from the fortress


Along the ridge between the slopes of the Arno and the Valdera, you'll find the village of Palaia. One of the more interesting realities of the territory around Tuscany, considering its role in history and the diversity of its landscape. It is possible to admire the natural and built environment from the fortress, in a strategic position, which had a prevalently defensive function. Today the structure, built on the hill of Palaia, is largely destroyed and inaccessible but it is nevertheless possible to get there following nature and hiking trails that are situated at the edge of the medieval village.

The location of the fortress is particularly suggestive. From here visitors can appreciate magnificent views of the residential areas, the medieval village and its monuments, like the Church of San Andrea, the Civic Tower, and the Parish Church of San Martino. But Palaia is fascinating also from a naturalistic point of view: there are a number of vineyards and olive groves in this area which contribute to the territories important wine and olive oil production, as well as cypress groves and wooded areas untouched by man.

The Arno valley hosts lovely hamlet
Palaia is a medieval town that lies along the banks of the Lower Arno Valley. Its castle was a stronghold that was long disputed between Florence, Pisa and Lucca, due to its strategic location between the valleys that stretched along the Arno and Era Rivers. Visitors to Palaia, won’t want to miss a visit to its Civic Tower built in the sixteenth century. ...