La Pieve di San Martino

The Parish Church of San Martino in Palaia

Palaia hosts architectural gem


Visitors will delight in the Gothic and Roman elements they’ll discover in the parish church of San Martino located in Palaia’s via Pieve. This brick church hosts Romanesque and Gothic styles even though it was restored in the nineteenth century. Its façade hosts three portals and several small arches, while its large interior is divided into three naves with pillars that support lovely arches.

The church stands just outside the village and it regularly hosts major performances featuring music and singing. The church’s interior hosts a raised presbytery that opens up onto three chapels and an semi-decagonal apse. Its stone baptismal font once belonged to the church of Santa Maria in Ripezzano near Palaia, which was destroyed during the first half of the seventeenth century.

Source: Pisa Tourist Information Office

The Arno valley hosts lovely hamlet
Palaia is a medieval town that lies along the banks of the Lower Arno Valley. Its castle was a stronghold that was long disputed between Florence, Pisa and Lucca, due to its strategic location between the valleys that stretched along the Arno and Era Rivers. Visitors to Palaia, won’t want to miss a visit to its Civic Tower built in the sixteenth century. ...