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Museum of rural civilization in Montefoscoli


Objects and evidence of rural tradition on display

The Museum of Rural Civilization in Montefoscoli, located in the farm premises of the Vaccà-Berlinghieri palace, was opened in 1996 and is run by a local cultural association in order to commemorate, enhance and promote local traditions and the ways of life of past generations.

In particular, it was established with the aim of highlighting, through objects and tools belonging to the peasant culture, the man-nature relationship that has developed and evolved over the centuries. The objects and equipment preserved in the collection have been donated by the citizens of Montefoscoli and recovered on the territory. The itinerary unfolds within the warehouses and cellars of the Vaccà palace, recounting the main stages of the world of sharecropping and the relationship between the landowner and the sharecropper, covering a time span from the 18th to the early 20th century: from the grape harvest, to planting, to harvesting grains, to pressing oil.

Of great importance to local social life, the Museum of Peasant Civilization is considered a pivotal place for the preservation of the historical memory of Montefoscoli and the Palaia area.

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