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Archeological Park in Carmignano

Archaeological sites

Archeological artefacts and hiking itineraries

The Archeological Park in Carmignano is an itinerary dedicated to the Etruscan civilization and comprises the Archeological Museum in Artimino and archeological sites in the area, including the Montefortini Tomb (second half of the 7th century BCE), one of the most important and spectacular of its kind in Tuscany, vaunting priceless funerary goods.

The Archeological Museum, located in a centuries-old building in the village of Artimino, conserves extraordinary artefacts from the Etruscan necropolises in Artimino (Prato Rosello) and Comeana. The collection is divided into two sections, one dedicated to the “land of the living” and the other to the “land of the dead”. The collection on display includes three rare bucchero censers and ivory objects from the funerary goods of the Montefortini Tomb, including the so-called Principe dei Gigli, a standing male figure holding long vegetable shoots in his hands, possibly representing Aristaeus, the Greek god who taught men the art of bee-keeping, pastoralism and olive growing. The collection also includes a cup made from turquoise glass, one of the most priceless glass artefacts discovered in Etruscan royal tombs.

The Etruscan cup in Turquoise glass at the Archeological Museum in Artimino
The Etruscan cup in Turquoise glass at the Archeological Museum in Artimino

The Archeological Park also includes four main sites that are hugely important in terms of both archeology and nature: the Prato Rosello necropolis in Artimino, the Montefortini Tomb, the Boschetti Tomb in Comeana and the fortified settlement of Pietramarina. The park also vaunts things like an ancient Etruscan settlement, with its sacred area known as Paggeria Medicea and defense walls.

The archeological, historic-artistic and hiking itineraries offered at the park are also work exploring, set up along ancient trails throughout the territory.

Parco Archeologico di Carmignano
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