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Abbey of San Giusto al Pinone

Places of worship

Carmignano is home to a Romanesque church that was once at the centre of a small monastic community

The Abbey of San Giusto al Pinone in Carmignano is a splendid example of a religious building from the 12th century, a Romanesque building in sandstone with a three-apse transept and a massive, militaristic bell tower.

The abbey was once at the centre of a small monastic community; the outer walls of the church attest to how long it took to build it, while the arch of the central portal and the double-arched window above in green and white marble recall the Romanesque style typically found in Prato and Pistoia.

The crypt, accessible from the outside, is impressive, undergoing various renovations over the centuries.

The abbey was particularly important in the Middle Ages because it was located on one of the main communication routes, and in the winter, one of its bells, known as La Sperduta, had the task of guiding troubled wayfarers.

Now the abbey cannot be visited as it needs significant renovation works.


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