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Apennine ridge of Mount Acuto
Photo © Matilde Ferrari - Sigeric
Photo © Matilde Ferrari - Sigeric

Three itineraries to admire the foliage in Lunigiana

Some ideas for an autumn trip to the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines Park

by  Lunigiana

With the month of October, the Tuscan-Emilian Appenines Park slowly changes color and lights up with fiery reds, bright yellows, shimmering browns... the charm of foliage is irresistible!

For all lovers of autumn, Lunigiana in October is truly something not to be missed: this is the period when traditions, such as chestnut harvesting and the lighting of “gradili” (ancient drying rooms), are revived, to which many traditional festivals and gastronomic events are dedicated in all the Lunigiana villages. 

And as we climb toward the peaks of the Apennines, the chestnut trees give way to beech trees that color the landscape. 

Not to be missed is a trip to the Lagastrello Pass, in the municipality of Comano, on the border between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, where trails of different difficulty and duration can be taken.

Fall is truly spectacular here! Find out with these three itineraries.

  • 1.
    Lake Paduli Ring
  • 2.
    Trekking to Lake Squincio
  • 3.
    Trekking on Mount Acuto

Lake Paduli Ring

Horses grazing at the Lagastrello Pass
Horses grazing at the Lagastrello Pass - Credit: Matilde Ferrari - Sigeric

An easy trail, suitable for families and children, equipped with picnic areas.

In the shade of beech trees, crossing small fords, it is possible to admire the small artificial lake located at about 1198 m asl and easily accessible by car. 

Here you can meet Apennine horses grazing, an experience not to be missed!

Trekking to Lake Squincio

Forest of colorful beech trees
Forest of colorful beech trees - Credit: Matilde Ferrari - Sigeric

Leaving the car at the Lagastrello Pass, it is possible to take this simple route that leads to Lake Squincio, one of the many small lakes of glacial origin in the Tuscan-Emilian Appenines National Park, nestled in a forest of colorful beech trees

The entire trail, combined with the Paduli Lake ring, forms a ring path of about five and a half kilometers and is suitable for children ages 5 and up. 

Discover the Lake Paduli and Lake Squincio ring trail at Lagastrello Pass.

Trekking on Mount Acuto

Apennine ridge of Mount Acuto
Apennine ridge of Mount Acuto - Credit: Matilde Ferrari - Sigeric

A path for hikers that, via trails 659 and 659A, allows you to reach the summit of Mount Acuto (1756 m) and appreciate a wonderful panorama of the entire Lunigiana, as far as the Gulf of Poets. 

The trail crosses peat bogs and beech forests with ancient charcoal pits.

Along the way it is possible to stop at the Sarzana Refuge, a few meters from the Lake of Mount Acuto.

Discover the Mount Acuto itinerary.

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