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Summer in and around Livorno: the must-see events

Historical events, re-enactments and festivals in Livorno, Capraia and Collesalvetti

by  Livorno

Livorno, Capraia Island and Collesalvetti are art, nature, sea, history and much more.

Thanks to their versatility, they are ideal places to visit any time of the year, but summer is the best time to get to know them in all their beauty, as during the warmer months, historical, food and wine and nature events that evoke ancient traditions are organised. Here is a selection of 6 unmissable events to attend.

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Palio Marinaro of Livorno
Palio Marinaro of Livorno - Credit: Marco Filippelli

The events organised during the summer in Livorno are among the most characteristic and attract thousands of tourists. Historical parades, folklore events, music and food traditions: the hot summer months come alive, ready to enchant Italians and foreigners with fun-filled days in the city's historic districts.

Effetto Venezia

Livorno's summer is not complete without Effetto Venezia, the famous folkloric event held every summer between July and August in the Venezia Nuova district. In a picturesque location with its historic bridges and navigable Medici canals, the history of Effetto Venezia, full of events, shows, culture and flavours, began in 1986.

Cacciucco Pride

The fact that traditional gastronomy is one of Livorno's most important assets is also clear from the fact that September sees the celebration of cacciucco, one of the city's most famous dishes. Together with the bars and restaurants, cacciucco invades the city, in the city's symbolic places, such as the Mercato Centrale, the Fortezza Vecchia or the Aquarium, but also on boats and in the streets, thanks to take-away and street food. Events, shows and music accompany tastings of the typical cacciucco, in all its forms.

Palio Marinaro

The Palio Marinaro di Livorno is a rowing competition that takes place in July in the open sea, in the stretch of sea off Terrazza Mascagni. The eight districts, with ten rowers and a coxswain, compete in a battle of oars and brackishness to be the first to reach the finish line. The athletes are on board the gozzi, typical cedar-wood boats, and for months they prepare for the race that concludes the rowing season: it lasts about 10 minutes, but the race is intense and full of passion and eagerness, the same that drive the athletes, among friendship, the desire to do sport and to carry on a long tradition of the area.

Capraia island

Walking Festival
Walking Festival - Credit: Visit Capraia

An enchanted, uncontaminated and wild place: Capraia Island is the perfect territory for those who love the sea, sport and relaxation. In summer, festivals and initiatives follow one another in a rich calendar of events made up of nature and history.

Madonna dell’Assunta Procession

One of the oldest traditions on the island of Capraia: the procession of the Madonna dell'Assunta takes place every year on the night of August 15. The wooden statue of the Virgin is moved to the church of San Nicola and from here the traditional procession begins through the streets of the village and along the quay of the port, until it reaches the sea. It is placed on a boat and is rocked by the waves and accompanied by the other boats, which pay homage to it with their sirens until they reach the cliff where the lighthouse is located. A spiritual tribute is paid here, after which the statue is taken back to the church of the Madonna del Porto, where it can be seen all year round. The festival ends with fireworks.

Walking Festival

The Walking Festival is an event that officially opens the summer tourist season: between March and April, guided tours, trekking and numerous nature, historical, archaeological and food and wine itineraries are organised with local businesses and organisations. Experiencing Capraia during these events is a different and authentic way to immerse yourself in the island's various souls.



A unique, typically Tuscan landscape frames Collesalvetti, a small village near Livorno. Cultural, food and wine events and craft exhibitions are organised throughout the year.

Fiera Paesana

One of the most traditional events is the Fiera Paesana, held on the first Tuesday in September. Founded as a livestock fair in the 18th Century, today it is a time for fun and shopping, with a market, and aimed at getting to know the area with local agricultural products and crafts, as well as exhibitions, events, shows and music. On the occasion of this fair, the Palio dei Carretti, a typical race of ball-bearing carts, takes place in the city centre.

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