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Photo © C. D'Aliasi
Photo © C. D'Aliasi

Mascagni Terrace

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The most elegant piazza in Livorno

If you take a walk on the seafront of Livorno you surely end up to Terrazza Mascagni. This beautiful square overlooking the sea, with its very special black and white checkered floor, is one of the most beautiful places in the city: from here you can enjoy a breathtaking view, admire the shades of blue waves against the sky and soak in the sunset.

Here once you could find the Forte dei Cavalleggeri, a defensive structure that was dismantled in the nineteenth century. Only in 1925 the area was turned into a large square, thanks to the design of the engineer Enrico Salvais. In the early thirties, Ghino Venturi built a gazebo for orchestras, destroyed during World War II and later rebuilt perfectly like the original.

Mascagni Terrace at sunset
Mascagni Terrace at sunset

The Terrace – named after the Livornese composer Pietro Mascagni – has a very special architecture: the floor is a 8,700 square meter chessboard, made up of over 34,000 white and black tiles, and the balustrade made up of 4,000 columns separates the square from the sea. The Terrace is also a must-see in the city of Livorno

The style of the Terrace, refined and stunning in its simplicity, make this place perfect for a romantic getaway or for photographs with an unusual scenario.

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