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Mountains and springs, Pistoia is a natural film set

From the film about the writer Tiziano Terzani to "Oci Ciornie"

With the nearby mountains and the local thermal spas, visitors to the Pistoia area are spoilt for choice in terms of sporting and free time activities. Winter sport lovers will enjoy local ski resorts, such as Abetone, and the mountains around Pistoia, with their rich woodland, are the ideal place for a day out in the fresh air. The landscape here is almost spiritual and is certainly a highly relaxing place to spend some time.
Marcello Mastroianni in Oci Ciornie
Marcello Mastroianni in Oci Ciornie

It was in Orsigna, one of the region's small rural towns, that the journalist and writer Tiziano Terzani took refuge at the end of his life. Jo Baier made a film about his final years, entitled 'La fine è il mio inizio', staring Bruno Ganz. The whole town was involved in the film-making, either as actors or helping out the German production crew. 

There are also many thermal spas in the Pistoia area. Perhaps the most well-known are in the towns of Montecatini and Monsummano. Montecatini and its thermal waters provided the backdrop for the renowned 'Oci ciornie', directed by Nikita Michalkov, which was shot at the Tettuccio and Leopoldine spas.  

Two well-known TV series have also been set in Montecatini. The first is 'Puccini', an historical drama about the life of the famous Italian composer. It was shot at the stunning Tettuccio Spa with its marble architecture and Italian style gardens. The second is 'Milano Palermo', directed by Claudio Fragasso